The Arrival

Ever since my little brother Jake showed up, it’s been no secret that I just haven’t received the level of attention that I’ve been accustomed to.

Jake, running me over:

It wasn’t for lack of trying on my part!

  • When they call my name, I’m there. 
  • When they call his name, I’m there. 
  • When they’re cooking, I’m there… watching.
  • When they’re eating, I’m under the dining table. 
  • When they’re not looking, I even sneak up behind them. Then they step on me a little bit and they scream my name in joy, which means I must have done a good thing. 

You get the point. 
So I did a little reading up on “favorite breeds” and was SHOCKED to discover that it wasn’t “Ziggy“. Instead, it was something called a “Labrador Receiver“*. 

Well“, I thought, “I guess desperate times call for desperate measures!“.

So I went to get a new haircut in an attempt to get their attention.

Guess what? It worked!! I put up some photos so you can see for yourself. Tell me what you think!


*Favorite Breed in America

Baby Lessons

Teaching babies a lesson is very important.

They need to know they’re not in charge and that they fit in my mouth and I’m bigger and I’m stronger and I’m meaner and that means I’m in charge.

Take this upstart black lab puppy I met during one of my vacations! He thought he could be cuter than me so I had to make sure he didn’t think that… let’s call it a tie.

Ziggy’s First Video (on the blog I mean)


You’ve all been SO patient while daddy scrounged up the money to improve my site!

You can now access my site right from!


And a new THEME!


As a yummy treat, here’s a video of me when I was 2 months old, playing with my new toy, trying to master my unique head shake technique, when ALL OF A SUDDEN, some monster bellowed out to me to get off the table!

Great First Impressions: The Ziggy Way


aka7 Habits of Highly Affectionate Dogs

1) Walk the walk, run the run

RUN. When you first encounter the new person, always STOP whatever it was you were doing – grooming yourself, staring out the window, eating or drinking, chewing shoes, barking at a cat – and RUN to the new person that needs to be met with. New person is always the most important person! It doesn’t matter if they walk in with your lifelong pal/caretaker/parent/not-new person. Ignore them. They’re always there for you and you have to take that for granted. Why, Ziggy, why, you ask? Because presenting yourself as the CUTEST DOG EVER to their new friends will leave a longstanding impression that will only make your person seem that much awesomer and pays dividends to them in the long run. I know, I know, I’m wise.

2) More than meets the eye

STARE. Staring deep into the new persons soul as you rush towards them is so important! While not critical to the first impression process, allowing them the chance to make eye contact with you is your most powerful tool… in order to get that treat! Yes, it’s all about using our most important natural skill: The Puppy Dog Eyes. You can always tell a mark when you see one. They must be taken advantage of. PDE FTW.

Is it working? Will you love me for the rest of my life? Y/N?
Is it working? Will you love me for the rest of my life? Y/N?

3) Lick, Lick, Lick!

SLURP. If the eye contact fails, there’s nothing like the slobber of your saliva on their skin to get their attention! I don’t do more than a few licks (unless the new person has been sweating a lot which is salty and yummy!), but there really is no such thing as ‘too many licks’. Lick away and try to get every exposed area of skin within your reach. Add a jump or two and they may bend over and that’s when you go for the face! Be careful, as jumping on any new person is met with a possible reprimand from your not new person, but a face lick is worth it in the end!

4) Bringing up the Rear

BUTT. My favorite technique. The Butt is a guaranteed move. No one forgets the butt. Remember, that’s how I got you here in the first place! (see first post) This is your first chance to have them interact with you. Let them feel like they’re in control. Like you’re not really enjoying the butt scratch. But you are. Oh yeah, you are. Try to lean your butt weight into the new person. This is the Butt Trust Lean. Trust that new leg. Advanced Technique ProTip: If they’re not comfortable with your junk on their trunk, they may tend to take their leg away and force you to fall! That’s okay, don’t let it faze you! Just move right into the Wag n’ Roll; the combination of steps 5 and 6!

5) Wag it like you just don’t care


“Why does the dog wag its tail?
Because the dog is smarter than the tail.
If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog.” – Wag the Dog (Movie)

Our tails (or adorably nubby stubs!) are an important part of our arsenal for making sure to get noticed but also to let the person know how happy we are to make their acquaintance! Think about how they say hi to each other using their arms when they’re very happy – it’s the same motion that we make with our tails! They basically copied that move from us to communicate with each other from a distance to convey happiness. This is the natural next move after you’ve used your butt on them, and as a bonus, if your tail is long enough, you can use it to whack them a couple times. Physically assaulting them is sometimes the only thing they understand. They are after all, a very violent species. Remember what ol’ Zig recommends… Go for the face!

6) On the ground, soldier

ROLL. While they’re distracted by the wagging tail, it’s time for the ultimate move… The Belly Roll! While the Butt Scratch is nice, you know you’ve succeeded in wrapping them around your wittle paws when they’re on the floor with you giving you ALL the belly rubs! Make sure that as they reach down to give you that scratch, you slowly time your roll so they don’t make contact until you’re both completely on the floor. This insures that they are completely engaged in their task and they will spend the most amount of time – sometimes using BOTH hands – to give you those oh, so satisfying scratches. Remember to kick your leg if they get the right spot so they keep it going!

Master Level Trick: Trying to escape from my leash with all 4 legs in the air - Houdini had nothing on me!
Master Level Trick: Trying to escape from my leash with all 4 legs in the air – Houdini had nothing on me!

7) Leave them wanting more

TRICKS. Congratulations! If you’ve made it this far, there’s a 99% chance that you’ve made that critical first impression an absolute success! But this is the moment where you can ensure that the new person leaves there screaming, THATWASTHECOOLESTDOGEVEROMGSOOOOCUTELIKEYEAH. How, you ask? Well, reach into that bag and pull out all the tricks! Barking, Sitting, Paws on Demand, Standing on 2 legs (front, if at all possible), Acrobatics… whatever you can do, do it! When I first met Mommy and Daddy, I was but a tiny pup, but I knew I wanted to be with them forever so I had to give them something they would never forget…

…so I pooped in their living room.

Looking back on it, it’s probably not what they wanted, but it did the job.

This, but in the living room.

This, but in the living room.

Do you guys out there have a dog that has a clear understanding of these key steps? Any others I might have missed? As an example we can all look up to, here’s a pup after my own fart… I mean heart:

Was the sign and shaming really their first priority??
Was the sign and shaming really their first priority??

Your favoritest puppy dog,


Ziggie Pool

HOT! Too hot for Ziggy’s and last time I checked, I’m a Ziggy!

So Daddy and Mommy bought me a Ziggie Pool for me to cool down in after my sweaty walks.

The following will be more of a visual diary because Daddy took too many pictures!


PS: Read the captions!!

I'm ready for the pool!
I’m ready for the pool!
Let's go outside!
Let’s go outside! Daddy made me take off the goggles because he doesn’t believe in safety!
But I don't want to wear i... okay...
But I don’t want to wear i… okay…
Wait... this is it?!?
Wait… this is it?!?
So you want me to lie down in this?
So you want me to lie down in this?
AHH! My butt is cold! I don't like it Mommy!!!
AHH! My butt is cold! I don’t like it Mommy!!!
I wanna go to the ocean!
I wanna go to the ocean!
I gave it a chance... I think I'm done.
I gave it a chance… I think I’m done.
I got a little dirty... Okay, A LOT dirty!
I got a little dirty… Okay, A LOT dirty!
Can I come in now? I think it's gonna rain soon...
Can I come in now? I think it’s gonna rain soon…

Even though it’s not the ocean, I got to sit outside which is nice! And it was good to get my feet wet. Now take me to the beach! I like sand in my paws!!!



Don’t feel like being at work?

Did too much of this?:

get in my bellee...
get in my bellee…

And maybe some of this?:

swim swim swim
swim swim swim

And now you want to do this?:

quick... nap...
quick… nap…

But instead, you’re hiding from everyone at work like this?:

tell them you just saw me go to the bathroom!
tell them you just saw me go to the bathroom!

It can be tough, I know.

But in my many years on this planet (5 if you’re counting), I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to tough it out and…


…deal with it.

oh yeah.
Be cool.

Ziggy Comic

Daddy will occasionally need to express my antics in comic strip format since it’s hard to accurately portray my Ziggyisms if you’re not living with me 24/7.

He tells me there’s already a famous Ziggy in the world of comics and he used to have a white dog that looks suspiciously like me, named Fuzz!

Ziggy and his dog Fuzz

How weird! But he tells me that’s not where I got my name from at all (I’ll tell you in the future!) Plus my nose isn’t that big, is it?!?

Anyways, when Daddy isn’t being lazy, he’ll start to post them up on here! He promises he’ll get better at drawing me and if he doesn’t, he’ll find someone more talented to do it! If you like these comics, please tell him, so he continues to make them!

Remember to love me because I love you!

Ziggy ‘opposite of bald’ Bear

Yummy treats immediately cancel any and all anxiety!
Yummy treats immediately cancel any and all anxiety!
Come back... soon.. ... ...please.
Come back… soon..


Ziggy The Artist

Hi Everyone!

As promised, I will share a page out of my Baby Ziggy Diary that I used to keep! Here’s an entry from almost 5 years ago when I was just 3 months old!

Oh no! This one is a little embarrassing! Gosh, did I really talk like that when I was younger??

Anyways, Enjoy!


Ziggy Bear

July 30th, 2009

Deyuh Babee Diggee Bayuh,

Today I happee!

I happee soOoOo MUCH! I inside with Mommee and Daddee!

I no want hold my haPEE so I dwah dis:

My pee art!

But Mommee no happee dat I happee! Daddee think Funnee dat HapPEE look like ME… See?

I peed myself!
I PEE myself!

Now me outside!

wow, I'm handsome!
I hapPEE here!
Look! I'm coming to life!
It’s ME! Diggy Bayuh!